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We’ve been dedicated to providing the highest quality Chicken and Egg products to Papua New Guinea for over 75 years. With a strong commitment to quality, our innovative farming practices and strict biosecurity measures have ensured we can offer our customers the best product possible. Taste the difference with Zenag Chicken.

Meatier, Tastier, Juicier

As Papua New Guinea’s leading poultry producer, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality product that’s assessable to all families in Papua New Guinea. Baked, fried or grilled, Zenag Chicken is an inexpensive, high quality protein source that will keep your family completely satisfied.

Pawa Protein, Pawa Kaikai

Our Zenag Eggs are an inexpensive protein powerhouse. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your family healthy and strong. Whether you like your eggs fried, boiled, scrambled, or added to cakes and sauces, our Zenag Eggs are guaranteed to be a staple in your kitchen.

Day Old Chickens

Small-hold poultry farming is one of the fastest growing Small Medium Enterprises in Papua New Guinea. As a local business, we’re committed to supporting local communities through our Day Old Chicken production. Learn how you can gain more financial freedom to support your family.

Delicious meals for every occasion

Our fresh healthy recipes are guaranteed to bring the whole family together