More Meat, More Profit

High Demand

As a healthy and cheap source of protein, demand for chicken meat continues to grow steadily in Papua New Guinea.

Short Production

Well managed birds can be ready for sale at 6 weeks of age. This short production cycle can generate quick returns for broiler farmers.

Good Climate

PNG’s relative disease-free and favourable climate are the cornerstones of the poultry industry’s success.

Free Farming Guide

We’ve created a comprehensive broiler farming guide to help local PNG farmers optimise their performance and maximise profits. Building on our rich farming history and common poultry practices from around the world, we’ve designed this handbook for a PNG farming context.

In this FREE guide, you’ll learn:

  1. The Broiler production process.
  2. What housing and equipment you need to optimise growth performance.
  3. Growth performance benchmarks.
  4. How to transport and handle chicks and broilers.
  5. How to manage chicks and broilers for optimal performance.
  6. How to reduce the risk of disease.