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Zenag Chicken has provided me with two years of invaluable experience. The flexibility and creative freedom within the company have allowed me to learn and grow in ways I never imagined. It's been the best professional experience of my career, and I look forward to continued growth with Zenag Chicken


Brand & Marketing Coordinator

Working at Zenag Chicken, provides me the opportunity to blend my skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver tasks effectively and achieve desired outcomes. Poultry is both a science and an art. It demands your care 24/7 and you must understand the physiological demands of the chicken to own your work. I get a lot of satisfaction driving positive results.


Commercial Layer Manager

The work culture at Zenag has helped me to learn a lot and grow both personally and professionally. The best thing about the company is the people. Being part of a supportive team who are genuinely dedicated to delivering their best is inspiring. I am looking forward to enduring many more years with Zenag Chicken.


Design Manager

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