zenag chicken necks

Necks 900g

Zenag Chicken Necks are delicious stewed, baked, fried or BBQ’d. Marinate in your favourite sauce– they are an affordable flavoursome cut to feed the whole family.

Available in a 900g tray

Recipe Inspiration

Classic Roast Chicken

Master the art of the perfect Roast Chicken that’s crispy skinned and juicy inside. For the perfect crispy skinned roast Zenag Chicken, season generously, cook at a high temperature at 200-220°C, and leave it to rest for at 10 minutes after you remove from the [...]

Sticky Honey Soy Drumsticks

Sticky Honey Soy Drumsticks are super easy to prepare. The secret is in the marinade sauce. A great dish for entertaining a large group of family and friends. Serve by itself or over steamed rice with vegetables. Serves 4 50 minutes SHARE: Ingredients 1 tray [...]

Chicken Rainbow Omelette Rolls

Omelette rolls are a tasty low carbohydrate substitute for regular wraps. Quick to make, this tasty protein fueled dish with a rainbow filling of healthy goodness is guaranteed to satisfy grumbling tummies in no time. Serves 6 20 minutes SHARE: Ingredients 2x Zenag Chicken Breasts [...]